It wasn't to simply pursue quality, Nor did we go out of our way to make things difficult for us.Our only answer to the ever changing methods, lures to suit various fields and the necessity for the pro-spec models, was in-house production." "There is a spectrum which can only be expressed and fully realized through in-house production and through keeping the five major elements, from ‘Planning’ to ‘Sales’ under direct control. Under the concept of ‘Total Package’ of keeping production under one roof, with minimum outsourcing, the commitment to the highest level of quality while pursuing the cutting edge technology will continue to be a trademark for DUO." "This is our pride and answer to lure manufacturing."


Our Brand Values


Unifying the processes under one roof, with minimum outsourcing, being able to offer products of high quality, each with its own identity, carefully quality checked at exceptional value.


Our pride and confidence in the Japanese artistry and belief that offering the highest quality means production in Japan.


1. Pursuing the leading technology for continuous advancement in manufacturing and design. 2. Staying at the forefront of fish behavioral studies and its application to product research and development.

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